How to Paint a Radiator. Steam Pipe Painting.

"What should I do with my radiators and steam pipes ?" This is one of the most common questions I answer. As Brooklyn apartment painters, we've seen thousands of radiators.

First off, not much at all can be done with radiators or steam pipes in the winter months. If a steam pipe or radiator is painted in the winter months it will smell up your living space every time it heats up. It is best to do any painting of radiators or steam pipes at least a month or two before they will heat up again to give the paint time to fully cure.

Steam pipes can be painted if you are looking to simply change the color. If the paint on the pipe is peeling or uneven, it is best to chemically strip the pipe down to bare metal and apply a high temperature oil paint on the pipe. Never let a contractor manually dry sand or use a heat gun on a steam pipe or radiator unless they are absolutely sure there is no lead paint present.

Radiators present more challenges than steam pipes. Often the most cost effective way to deal with ugly radiators is to have covers made for them. If you have an ugly radiator and would like it to look like new, the only effective way to accomplish this is to remove the radiator and have it sandblasted and sprayed with a high temperature paint. We can take care of this for you.

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